World War 2 Days
Midway Village
Rockford, IL
2017 Rockford Event Pre-registration
On-Site Registration Times:
Wednesday 20: Closed
Thursday 21: 5pm-9p
Friday 22: 5pm-10pm
Saturday 23:  8am-12am
Sunday 24:  930a-10a
Registration is located in building 16, the Hospital bldg. in the east commons.
We are expecting over 1400 reenactors at this event therefore pre-registration is requested. If you decide to register at the event, you will be charged a convienence fee of $10.You do not need to print out the waivers, you are electonicly signing them. You do not need to print out your pre-registration confirmation orders, will not get you in the event during public hours. If you arrive during public hours, you will have to pay to get in. Once in, go to registration, which will be closed, ask for Rhea, she will get you registered and give you a refund chit. Take your refund chit to any entrance, they will give you a refund. If Rhea is not available, have them page Scott Koelling, he will then help you.