Public Battle and Living History Displays
September 20,21,22,23,24
Village Building and Camp Site Use

Any unit may have use of a building in the Museum Village with these prerequisites listed below. You will submit your request and your intent to the event staff person in charge of unit placement in the village, contact Dave Fornell. We then will review your request and let you know either way. The bigger the display the better, one table will not be enough. Using the building as a "barracks" will be rejected. The sooner you get us your request the more chance you will have in obtaining a building. If you agree to the below and bail out on us at the event, you will have lost your chance in getting a building for quite a while.

  • You must have a WWII theme historically correct display which will be approved by the Event Staff.
  • You must commit to the whole weekend, another words, you will setup before the gates open to the public Saturday, 11:00am. You cannot    start taking down your display until after the public leaves Sunday, 4:00pm.
  • If you would like your display to be part of the School tours you must state that in your request, and you will have to be setup before          Friday morning 9:00am.
  • You will also be responsible for the Museum artifacts if present, in the building you setup display. You will report any problems immediately to Dave Fornell or Scott Koelling!
  • You will be responsible for your items/equipment if they are broken or stolen, not the Museum or the HRS, only you.

As long as you meet these prerequisites, and fulfilled your agreement at the event, you will be locked in for next year.


C&R / Class 3 ATF Info.

All NFA rules apply!
All NFA weapons will be checked for proper paperwork. All non dealers must have an approved ATF form 5320.20 for this event and have it on you at all times. All C&R and Class 3 etc., dealers will have copies of their ATF forms 3 and/or 4 on you to be checked at S&A. All NFA rules apply!

Address for ATF 5320.20:

Midway Village & Museum Center
6799 Guilford Rd.
Rockford, IL. 61107

Any questions please address them to 
Scott Koelling.
Class 3 FFL holder in Illinois




House Rules

House rules were made up by event staff on request from Midway Village, these rules will be followed!

• All re-enactors will go through HRS Safety and Authenticity inspections along with spot checks in Living History Campsite by Event Staff and Military Police Units. Any discrepancies will be addressed and corrected immediately. Any Unit who cannot correct their FARB will be camping in the Modern Camping Area in re-enactor parking lot.

• All camps are assigned. Camps are pre-arranged prior to the event by contacting event staff. Returning units need to check in with event staff by Aug. 1 or risk losing their site. New units will be placed on a waiting list and assigned a camp as space is available. Units that leave prior to the end of the event on Sunday afternoon might have their camps reassigned the following year.

• Site-wide speed limit is 5 mph

• Please unload quickly and then move POVs out of the camp and village areas, otherwise the roads quickly jam up with parked cars.

• NO live ammo allowed, only blanks should be carried or in your possession

• All NFA laws and rules, as well as Illinois State Firearm laws will be enforced. If you live in the state of Illinois, you will have on you a FOID card, PERIOD! 

• All class 3/NFA weapons will be checked for proper papers, ATF Form 3 and 4, and approved ATF From 5320.20

• 2300 (11:00pm) Quiet Time will be in affect, QUIET socializing will be permitted around campfires.

• No overnight vehicles permitted in campsite area.

• Hair cuts will be to Military Standards. NO beards or hiding long hair under helmets or hats. Just come to the event with the proper hair cut and facial hair.

• Your equipment, uniform, weapon, and vehicle should have been issued in WWII. Any item converted to look like WWII equipment will be judged by event staff, if it is not accepted then it must be removed.

• All tents should be WWII, reproduction or converted to very close resemblance of WWII tents. No 10-man arctic or post-war hexagonal tents allowed. WWII style GP small, mediums and larges are allowed, but space may limit where they can be placed.

• No Nazi Party/Political items will be worn, this also includes any other counties political items. No flying of German or Nazi Party/Political flags PERIOD.

• The public battles will be European Theater of Operations (ETO) from the 1944-45 period. However, any other WWII impressions are allowed, but will not be allowed in the main field battles, woods or village skirmishes unless prearranged (example – Soviet vs. Germans town battle).

`All re-enactors are required to wear their wristband and show it when asked. Entry to the site after hours and to battles will depend on re-enactors being able to show their wristbands.

• No dogs are allowed at the event.


Parking Information

-You must register to receive a parking pass! Your vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed if not!
-Parking area will be marked with red/white/blue flag rope designating parking spaces.
-Vehicle's with trailer's will park will park East of the colored flags or along the flags at the south end of the lot.
-Please register first to find your units camp area in case of last minute changes! DO NOT drive around looking for them!
-NO POV's aloud in camp area during SCHOOL TOURS or during Public Hours Saturday and Sunday PERIOD!
(POV = Your personal car/truck)


Vehicle Inspection Information

Please visit the HRS web site for additional information
All vehicle will be checked at the event, all vehicles will undergo a checklist
Below is a brief outline of vehicle S&A:

All vehicles will be judged on a case-by-case basis and must be manufactured before 1946 or must represent a type used by Allied or Axis powers during the 1939-1945 period. All post 1945 vehicles must be altered to duplicate a pre-1945 vehicle and be properly painted. Photographs of all altered manufactured vehicles must be submitted to the Authenticity Committee along with authentic photos or photocopies of original photos of the same type vehicle. If judgment is in favor of the rebuilt vehicle, a permit will be issued by the chairman of the Authenticity Committee. Vehicle inspection site number is 55

Safety -


1. All motor vehicles must be driven by a licensed driver, regardless of off or on road use. The driver must be knowledgeable of the type of        vehicle he is driving. PROPER LIABILITY INSURANCE IS MANDATORY. Any vehicle driven off road MUST HAVE A GROUND GUIDE, to avoid          personnel hiding in foliage.

2. Service brakes shall function on all wheeled vehicles.

3. Emergency brakes (parking brakes) should be functional, if a vehicle was originally equipped with such brakes.

4. Tires shall have a minimum tread depth of 2/32 inches.

5. Tracks shall be properly adjusted.

6. Steering system shall be functional.

7. Lighting shall be operational if used for night operation.

8. An onboard fire extinguisher is required

This web site is for reenacters to receive information
on the Rockford, IL. WWII HRS event

Located at the Midway Village & Museum Center

All inquires on this event, thoughts, comments,
ideas, should contact Scott Koelling
(Overall Event Coordinater)